360 Sequence

Jon was a serious competitor all through the 80's. This one wave forever changed his life. After winning every heat of the day at the 1982 NSSA Northern Conference Championships, LaLa pulled this 360 maneuver in front of 300 spectators on a hot and sunny February day, winning the contest. LaLa put himself on the map by beating some of the biggest names of the era up and down the coast. The contest took place at Sands Beach in Santa Barbara, CA. Before this day Jon was relatively unknown. After winning this event Dave Johnston, the shaper of Progressive Surfboards and Channel Islands staff shaper, immediately approached Jon for a surfboard sponsorship. Consequently Jon had to decline because he already rode for South Shore glassing's Del Miller and Zuma Jay surfboards. LaLa went on to win numerous NSSA events on the Zuma Jay twin fins he helped design.

360 one

360 two

360 three

360 four

360 five

360 six

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360 film strip