Psycho Fish 2

This is Psycho fish in a new higher performance form. The Psycho fish 2 has a low nose rocker, but is anything but flat. There is just enough bend and lift in this board to be a maneuverable wave catching machine. The tail rocker is hinged and broken at the front and rear fins as only a real hand shape can be. There is no generic computer blending in this board. It's a 100% hand shaped. A massive single concave transitions into deep double barrel pipes that compress and release water off a heavy V that starts before the wings. This provides maximum speed without catching. The dome between the fins allows the pilot to transition off the lip with ease. A hyper kicked tail relieves the wide tail block. The slightly wider nose catches waves and annihilates lips leaving one with that surf star feel after every session. Psycho fish 2 can be made very thick to accommodate heavier surfers as well. We would love to say this is a great summer board, but the waves are small in winter as well so no need to wait.This board is the magic carpet, king of the fish world.

psycho fish 2


psycho fish 2 rasta