Psycho Fish 1

Psycho Fish is and was the brain child of Jon LaLanne. When Jon started shaping again he was observing some retro fish come back attempts by a few shapers. Before the Pod, before the Rocket, before the Biscuit, there was Psycho Fish. "Matt Biolis didn't know what a fish was?", Jon replied when he heard the news. Jon owned a Steve Lis fish back in 1978!!!!!. In the late 70's Jon grew up watching tons of guys ripping Malibu on fishes. When Jon finally got a hold of his Steve Lis fish his surfing immediately improved. Common sense now days tells us that a fast loose fish style board out performs a stiff narrow board in the fun factor department any day of the week. Some of todays younger shapers simply have little or no fish background. This is because most of them started shaping in the 90's when surfboards were only 18" wide. Most of them have never even used a planer. Growing up in the 80's has given Jon a distinct advantage in the board design department. #1 it was his first job and #2 he has seen it all ,twice. In 2005 when surfing was coming out of the dark ages, Jon made psycho Fish. It's simple; a wider board travels faster than a narrow one because of more planing surface; especially when a board is wider in the tail. Cheyne Horan didn't almost beat Mark Richards on Geoff McCoy's Lazer Zaps 4 times in a row for not working. Look at the LaLa Surfboards 'Screamer'. Remember our conversation regarding three fins: pretty tough to spin out. So why not put a high performance rocker on an 80's influenced outline with 3 fins. Well that wasn't so hard was it?The rocker, bottom contours and concave on a Psycho Fish are dramatic. The entry rocker starts at mid point like Eric Arawakawa suggested years ago, and the deep single to double to V are the icing on the cake. This board can be ridden by bigger guys or shrunk down and be ridden by pros. The sleek outline won't hang up on turns like retro fishes. Psycho Fish rides like a twin, holds like a thruster, and goes a million miles an hour. This board is hand crafted every time and tailor fit to the rider by Jon himself... not some ghost shaper on the clock. "signed by the guy who shaped it" is our motto. Remember that Jon rode Channel Island surfboards for years and back in the early 2000's. Jon took an M4 widened it, shrunk it down, and made it a disc like version of itself before the surfing masses discovered the magic of the slightly wider board. Note in the 80's longboards were scarce because the short boards were wide and thick. In the 90's surfboards became mass produced and less foam and some surfers could not adapt to the newer narrow boards. These surfers instead of slightly increasing their board dimensions went to longboards because they couldn't remember what they used to ride. We here at LaLa Surfboards can't stress enough the importance of knowing and keeping track of ones dimensions. Psycho Fish is one crazy ride. Ask people who have experienced this phenomena.

psycho fish one




psycho fish 1