PSAA Irvine

jon lalanne psaa pro surf irvine california wave pool

The PSAA Irvine wave pool contest was by far Jon's favorite contest. The waves were created every 2 1/2 seconds and were waist high. Jon advanced 5 rounds. After his heats Jon would warm up in the Jacuzzi with all the other contestants. He happened to be chatting with and sitting next to a surfer named Kelley Slater. Kelly went on to win the contest. This was Kelly Slater's first pro event in his career and he made the cover of surfer magazine "Pool Shark Kelley Slater". This photo was taken either by Bill Parr or Rob Gilley though we can't remember in 1987. Almost 30 years later there are no domestic surfing wave parks to speak of. Jon learned that surfing could be an Olympic sport if the contests were held in an environment with a consistent variable such as a wave pool. Come on people its the 21 century lets get some surf parks. We have the technology!!!!!