Koa Squash

One day Jon was tired and his planer slipped while putting a concave in a customers board. This created the Koa Squash. When the board was finished the customer thought he was special and didn't think he should pay for his boards. Jon sold the board to his assistant Koa in Hawaii. We all saw Koa's surfing go from 0 to hero in one week. We were all scratching our heads. This board is a freak of nature and is to date the board that has changed lives. This board is available in any size. Customers have said the Koa squash knows where to go on the wave before the surfer does. The hand crafting in this board is prevalent and can be seen throughout the design. Koa told Jon "You need to mass produce this board "Although mass production is not in Jon's vocabulary he listened to Koa and and now rides one himself.

koa squash

koa squashkoa squash red