First Point Malibu

This is a special photo. This shot was taken in 1979 at First Point Malibu. Jon was riding a Zuma Jay, double wing, single fin, pintail shaped by 70's legend Mike Perry. Jon had no leash on, because in 1979 leash companies barley existed and leashes were for kooks. The vertical zipper on his Body Glove wetsuit was in the front .The Tapia Water Treatment Plant was spewing thousands of gallons of raw sewage in to the ocean and no one got sick. Malibu Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway were closed due to the viscous, El Nino, warm water storms of the late 70's and early 80's. This El Nino period provided the California coast with the most consistent surf in decades hands down. At this time reliable surf reports did not exist .Every winter, spring, and fall, Jon and his fellow Malibu residents experienced the best surf of a generation for 6 straight years. This is because in 1984 the pay to dial 976 surf reports were made available to the inland public and the El Nino pattern ended in 1986 .The summer crowds were gone. Look closely and notice the height of the white water and the length of the wave face. There were no boogie boards, few longboards, no SUP's, no cell phones, and no computers. Localism was in full force. There were 2 police cars for the whole town of Malibu, and verbal threats were protected by our first amendment rights. Punk Rock and Rap were in their infancy and America was honoring it's constitution. Unbeknownst to Jon LaLanne, AKA "LaLa", he was about to embark on a journey that few people will ever get to experience in a surfer's lifetime. In one year everything changed; from politics, music, surfboards, and fashion. This special time helped shape and pave the foundation for every modern surfing design and maneuver we see today. This time, was the birth of the 80's "Short Board Revolution".

first point malibu

first point malibu original