Bullet Train

The Bullet Train is sometimes referred to as a Hybrid. It is nothing more than part of the evolution of the surfboard. If you're a beginner stepping down in size or a heavy ripper, the bullet Train handles the job. The Bullet Train can also be made extra small to suit ariel surfing. The full outline makes a great landing pad. Many full bodied Air boards are nothing more than Hybrids shrunk down to suit a smaller advanced surfer. If your ready to take the step this is a great alternative to come down off your longboard... The speed this board attains is phenomenal like a "Bullet train" and far faster than the generic mass produced Hybrid out there on the market. The Bullet Train is not a third generation copy of somebody else's work. A lot of thought went in to creating this design. Contrary to popular opinion Jon loves making Hybrids.

bullet train